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Character Classes

In Dungeons and Dragons, the class defines the most part of your character's physical and mental abilities. It describes, among others, fighting and spellcasting skills. It also quantifies chances of successfully accomplishing a lot of different tasks such as climbing or pickpocketing, etc.

D&D 4th Edition Character Classes

English pdf Necromancer   (Discussion on EN World)

D&D 4th Edition Paragon Paths

French pdf Contre-Assassin   (Thanks to Des jeux et des histoires)

English pdf Original Paragon Paths   (7 new paragon paths)

D&D 3.5 Edition Character Classes

English htm Armoured Reaver   (Thanks to D&D Silliness)

English htm Darkmage & Darkpriest   (Thanks to D&D Silliness)

English pdf Pyromancer

English htm Relentless Harrier   (Thanks to D&D Silliness)

English htm Sorcerous Warrior   (Thanks to D&D Silliness)

English htm Swift Assassin & Shadow Marksman   (Thanks to D&D Silliness)

D&D 3.5 Edition Prestige Classes

French doc Guerrier des Forêts   (Thanks to Sandust)

English pdf Warrior Poet   (Thanks to The 3.5E Tower)

D&D 3rd Edition Character Classes

English doc Advanced Scout

English pdf Blue Mage   (Thanks to D&D Nation)

English pdf Buccaneer

English pdf Clod

English doc Dragon Slayer

English doc Dragoon Warrior

English doc Eskimo Fighter   (Includes eskimo gods)

English doc Fencer

English htm Ninja   (Includes new weapons)

English doc Psychic Assassin   (Includes a new armor)

English doc Rune Master

English doc Saodexan   (Exclusive!)

English doc Spell Crafter

English doc Sword Sorcerer

English doc The Jester

English doc Vampire   (Thanks to D&D Adventures)

English doc Youkai

D&D 3rd Edition Prestige Classes

English htm Air Wizard   (Thanks to The Lighthouse)

English pdf Arcanix

English doc Bladedancer

English doc Blind Assassin   (Includes a new weapon)

French doc Bouffon   (Thanks to Bibliothèque des scribes)

English txt Cleaver

English rtf Crying Freeman

English doc Death Master

English doc Diplomat

English doc Dwarven Fanatic

English pdf Elven Trader

English doc Executioner of Elemental Destruction

English htm Fire Wizard   (Thanks to The Lighthouse)

English doc Forestall Warrior

French doc Gardien des crânes

French doc Guerrier des Forêts   (Thanks to Sandust)

French doc Houri   (Thanks to Bibliothèque des scribes)

English rtf Jedi

English doc Knife Fighter

English doc Knife Specialist

English doc Orcslayer

English doc Order of the Sailing Bow   (Thanks to TheRealStGeroge)

English doc Planeswalker

English doc Pyromaniac

English doc Scorpion Scion

English doc Serpent Archer

English doc Silver Sword

English doc Slayer

English doc Street Fighter

English doc Swanmay

English pdf Treespeaker   (Thanks to Defrag's Realms)

English doc Tunnelrat

English doc Undead Hunter

English pdf Witch Doctor   (Thanks to D&D Adventures)

AD&D 2nd Edition Character Classes

English doc Archer

English txt Assassin

English doc Blood Mage

English doc Great Classes & Kits Netbook Tome 1

English doc Great Classes & Kits Netbook Tome 2

English rtf Greater Mage

English doc Inventor   (Thanks to Michiel Kremers & Bart Roeffen)

English txt Magician

English htm Monk

English doc Ninja

English txt Phantom

English doc Shaman

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