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Throughout any Dungeons & Dragons adventure, a character will need and use a lot of equipment. Of course this means weapons and armors but also standard objects like torches, ropes or pouches. In addition, a character might discover, buy or create magical items such as rings, boots or staves. It is up to the dungeon master (DM) or game master (GM) to make many different pieces of equipment available during the game.

D&D 3.5 Edition Equipment

English doc Incarnate Souldmelds

D&D 3rd Edition Equipment

English doc Aegis' Funky Armor   (Thanks to Kevin Doan)

English doc Dwarven Mug of Drinking

English doc Helms

English doc Magical Items for Low Level Characters

English rtf Netbook of Magical Treasures   (Thanks to DnD C.C.)

English pdf New Magic Items   (Thanks to Stephen Kenson)

English doc New Weapons   (Thanks to Collin Chapman)

English doc Oriental Equipment

English rtf Piecemeal Armor

English doc Repeating Hand Crossbow

English doc Rings of the Chromatic Wyrms

English doc Specialised Arrows   (Thanks to Collin Chapman)

English doc Sword of Kash

English doc The 12 Swords   (Inspired of the Lost Swords series)

English doc Thief Equipment

English doc Tome of Magic   (Artifact)

English doc Watersymbiont   (Artifact)

English doc Wilderness Equipment

AD&D 2nd Edition Equipment

English doc Anime Armor Cat

English doc Book of Swords

English rtf Book of Swords   (Another...)

English txt Leto's Tome of Bizarre, Arcane, and Weird Stuff

English txt Magic Items of the Cavern

English doc Magical Blades

English doc Netbook of Cloaks

English doc Netbook of God Swords

English pdf The Gallery of Magicl Blades

English doc The Great Net Equipment List

English doc The RPG Bible: Weapons

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