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Because an adventurer's life would be so boring without great creatures to track and hunt, this page offers single monsters and monsters netbooks for your campaign.

D&D 3.5 Edition Monsters

English pdf Book of Beasts - 6th Edition   (Thanks to Hidden Way)

D&D 3rd Edition Monsters

English doc Boa-Man

English doc Brain Bull

English pdf Death Knight

English doc Greater Vampire Template

English doc Half-Ogre

English pdf Iscyros

English doc Lurker Below

English doc Lythari

English pdf Santa Claus & Northern Palace   (Thanks to Wizards of the Coast)

English doc Swamp Skipper

English pdf Swarm Faeries

AD&D 2nd Edition Monsters

English pdf Monsters for AD&D   (Thanks to D&D Supplement Materials)

English txt Monsters Netbook Part1

English txt Monsters Netbook Part2

English txt Monsters Netbook Part3

English txt Monsters Netbook Part4

English doc Netbook of Demons

English pdf Netbook of Ghosts

English doc Tarrasque   (New version)

English doc The Great Elemental Netbook

English txt Thom's Monsters Net book

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