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Spells for AD&D 2nd Edition

In Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition, spells are splited into two different lists: priest and wizards spells. Because AD&D was out there for so long, there are huge amounts of spells out there. In this page we offer several books that should be way enough to fulfill your spell needs.

Priest Spells

English doc 1st Level Spells

English doc 2nd Level Spells

English doc 3rd Level Spells

English doc 4th Level Spells

English doc 5th Level Spells

English doc 6th Level Spells

English doc 7th Level Spells

French doc Prières par sphères et domaines   (Thanks to Christophe Ménard)

English doc The Great Net Prayerbook

English pdf The Great Net Prayerbook

Wizard Spells

French pdf La Bibliothèque   (Thanks to L'antre des damnés)

French doc Liste de sorts par école   (Thanks to Christophe Ménard)

English doc Net Spell Book 6th version

English doc Netbook of Wild Magic

English htm Spells and Spellbooks Kept at Neverwinter Monastery

English htm Spells and Spellbooks Kept at Neverwinter Monastery   (Online version)

English doc Still More Outrages From the Mages

English pdf The Great Net Spellbook   (edition 6.1)

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