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Character Classes

In Dungeons and Dragons, the class defines the most part of your character's physical and mental abilities. It describes, among others, fighting and spellcasting skills. It also quantifies chances of successfully accomplishing a lot of different tasks such as climbing or pickpocketing, etc.

D&D 5th Edition Character Classes

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  • Malleus Maleficarum

    This fighter archetype is specialized in fighting against magic users with special distraction, resistance, and even spell immunity powers.

    - Thanks to Throat Punch Games
  • Witch Hunter

    Created by voice actor Matthew Mercer, this is his personnal take on the which hunter class. He was inspired by The Witcher series, and a character he created for Vin Diesel for the promotion of The Last Witch Hunter movie.

    You can appreciate Matthew Mercer's dungeon master skills at Critical Role, where he runs a game with fellow voice actors.

    - Thanks to Original post on Geek and Sundry

Pathfinder RPG Character Classes

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  • Blood Mage

    Blood Mage is a cast from hit points archetype meant for sorcerers. I feel that Pathfinder would very much benefit from such a system, and the existing prestige class is not what I would want in either flavor or mechanics. Flavoring of spells is deliberately left vague so that you can decide the specifics of how your Blood Mage casts spells. Maybe she cuts her hand and uses that blood, perhaps she just bleeds when the spell is cast. That's all up to you, and in my opinion, half the fun of playing this class.

    On a serious note, the class is far different than what Paizo has built. Your GM may feel uncomfortable with the class (though I think I have the balance tweaked to near perfection). As always, ask first!

    - Thanks to Eli Roepke for his help balancing this class over a year of work.
  • Bloodedge

    This class is built as a shock trooper. It's slightly similar to barbarian, except that instead of getting stronger and tougher, the Bloodedge just gets stronger. This class is all about dealing a lot of damage, and hoping the bad guy dies before you do. If you like high risk/high reward gameplay, this is the class for you. Bloodedge is heavily inspired by a character from Blazblue named Ragna.

    - Thanks to Blazblue for giving me the inspiration to make this class.
  • Channeler

    The Channeler is a bit of an odd class. It can fill a few different roles with varying amounts of success. The big thing about the channeler is flexibility. If he has power remaining, he can do many, many things. But once he runs out, he's like a less cool rogue. The primary role of the Channeler is functioning as the party's trapspotter, with sprinkles on top.

D&D 4th Edition Character Classes

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  • Necromancer

    This necromancer class (heroic tier) is inspired by an old AD&D book, and tries to be terrifying on the battlefield, but alarming to allies as always hurting himself in order to hurt ennemies more. It comes with a new monster, the Shadow Familiar, and new feats. More information in the original discussion on EN World.

    - Thanks to TheLordWinter
  • Original Paragon Paths
    Paragon path

    These seven new paragon paths have been created by members of the En World and Wizards of the Coast forums. Here's the list: Acolyte of the Skin, Blood Magus, Chameleon, Dark Templar, Frostlord, Hunter Under the Full Moon, and Light Templar.

    - Thanks to Malcolm_N

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  • Contre-Assassin
    Paragon path

    The counter-assassin is a bodyguard specialized in protection against assassination attempts. He is totally devoted to his defended, and must be ready to give his life if necessary.

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D&D v3.5 Character Classes

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D&D 3rd Edition Character Classes

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AD&D 2nd Edition Character Classes

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