Dimension Closet

by Markus Beardsley (aorian@accessus.net) on 96/01/14

From the Spellbook of Aorian Starr

Human, Wizard - 14th order

3 wizard/7 illst.
1 Day/level
1 seg
1 cubic foot/level

Spell description

This spell creates an inter-dimensional "Room". This room or closet, acts as a closet in your own home would in the sense that it's primary use is to store stuff in. However, living creatures placed in the closet will die the instant the door to the closet is closed. Once the dimension closet is cast, the castor must think about, and act out the act of opening of a door (extending his/her hand out and grasping an imaginary door knob, turning it, and pulling the door open). Upon doing this, a faint rectangular shimmer can be seen in front of the castor (provided that there is sufficient light to see with), its like a ripple on a calm pool of water, it doesn't obstruct the envoker's vision of what is in front of him/her, nor that of anything looking upon the envoker. Items placed in the closet cannot be seen for the outside, even when the door is open. To get an item(s) from the closet, the envoker must stick their arm(s) into the closet, and think of what they wish to get out. Regardless of how full the the closet is, or how big the closet is, the desired items will be all the envoker will touch. No matter how full the closet gets, the envokers will not be encumber, and doesn't effect the envoker's overall encumbrance. The closet is always only an arm-reach away from the envoker, no matter where the envoker is. The spell duration is 24 hours per level of the envoker, unless the envoker is slain, in which case the spell is broken, and the contents empties onto the ground. Upon the end of the spell, should there be fragile items such as vials or potions, if store along with other containers or items, have a base chance of 25% plus 5% per item of equal size or larger and of the same hardness or harder, chance of being crushed (saving throws for each fragile item must be made, however the chance can not exceed 95% (example: a 6th order wizard has 4 potions of healing, a +3 shield, 2 long swords, 1 two-handed sword, 3 small chest, cloak of displacement, and about 3500 coins; this calculates to a 75% chance for each potion to be broken - the cloak and the coins would not pose a threat to the potions, and you must remember to exclude one of the potions from the count to represent the calculation, for if all you had in the closet was one potion, when the spell ended, there would be 0% chance of it being broke, unless you are flying when the spell ends. This can be ended by anti-magic spells such as Dispel Magic, etc. When storing items in the closet, consideration for the item's dimensions in comparison to the closet's dimensions must be given, for example a 3rd order wizard could not store anything longer than 3 foot in length, width or height. In addition to the size of the item, the fullness (used capacity) of the closet must also be considered; the DM should keep a running account of the percentage of capacity the closet is filled to, in order to determine if an item can be stored in the closet. The closet will not spill any of it's contents, when the door is opened, regardless of how full it is. When the closet is full, it will not except any more items regardless of size. Any attempt to place an item in a full dimension closet, will result in it falling to the ground, when released, as it will when an item to large to place in the closet will do. Of course, if the item that is being placed in a full closet is fragile, it must make a saving throw, else be broken when it falls to the ground. When the dimension closet is cast there is a 2% chance per level of the envoker, that it will last the life time of the envoker, growing in size as the envoker gains levels. If a scroll is found with the spell on it, any class can use it, and the duration will be 1 week for anyone other than a wizard or illusionist, in which case the duration reverts back the the level per day, the envoker, regardless of class, must be 3rd level or higher. The components need for the spell (none are needed for the scrolls) sliver of wood from any door (or any material use to make a door, as long as it comes from an actual door) ** SPECIAL NOTE ** it is advise to use a sliver or pinch of door material, from a standard size door (like used to go into a house), for it determines the size of the door created for the closet; a piece of charcoal; a pinch of dust from a closet or storage room. To cast the spell, the envoker must take a piece of charcoal, and draw a picture of a door, complete with a door knob, latch, or handle, on some flat surface (table top, chair-seat, stone floor, etc.), then place the door material inside the drawn image of the door. Next the closet dust, must be sprinkled over the image, while saying: "Place of storage, safe from sight. Open up thy storage site!" (this chant is optional during game play). The closet can only be accessed by the envoker, without the use of a dispel magic spell (in other words it is thief-proof!). Due to the air-tight seal of the door, dead animals placed in the closet decompose at a very slow rate, thus the closet of 7th order wizards, or in the case of a scroll, 7th order of what- ever class, has been used as a sort of morge for dead party members, in order to get them back to priest to be resurrected. It is advised that the evoker keep up how long the spell has been in effect, so that an orderly removal contents can be done, especially when fragile items are store within. However, if nothing fragile is contained within the closet, the spell can be allowed to simply allowed to expire, thus dumping the contents on the ground, approximately at arms-length in front of the envoker.

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