Random Conjuration

by Charlie Ricail (jricail@geneseo.net) on 96/01/26

From the Spellbook of Carolinus Elric

Human(demi-god), Mage Lvl???

Conjuration/Summoning, Wild

Spell description

This spell allows the wizard to call into being a randomly summoned item. When this spell is cast by any mage other than a wild mage the caster must roll a d20 to determine the success of the spell. If a 20 is rolled, consider it as a wild surge for a wild mage and use the tables in the Tome of Magic. All spell effects are centered on the caster. If anything other than a 20 is rolled, the spell has its normal effect. Roll a d20 to determine what appears.

RollItem appearing
1A sack of glass gems worth 1 gp a peice
2800 rubber balls fall in an area 10 ft around the caster
3A hat with a rabbit in it
4A very big flask of very potent ALE
5A scroll with 2 spells appears
6A normal weapon of the casters choice
7A row boat with a rotted bottom (no oars)
8A monster summoning III takes effect
9A treasure map leading to a dragon horde
10A loudmouth sprite torments caster
11A swarm of rats surround the party and tries to steal the parties food
12A pair of large war dogs appears (these obey the caster)
13A flying squirrel attacks the enemies
14Casters mouth fills with bubble gum
15Caster grows a beard (even if female)
16A bag of holding full of blocks of wood
17Insane dwarf appears and attacks caster
18A flock of large boards appear, and fly around for 2 rounds, then leave
19Area is filled with poisonous gas(save vs spell or fall unconsious)
20A magic weapon of the casters choice(+1 per 10 lvls of caster)

If this spell is used by a wild mage they can try to control what appears. To do this they need to roll a 20 on a d20. If the try this and fail then a wild surge definetly happens. The material componet for this a randomly chosen by the DM.

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