Soul Stalker

by Charlie Ricail ( on 96/05/23

From the Spellbook of Carolinus Elric

Human(demi-god), Mage lvl???

1 turn/level of caster
1 round

Spell description

With this spell the casterform his mind into a shadelike soul. He removeshimself from his material body and must spend a round preparing for thisremoval. He must spend 1 day preparing his body through relaxing meditation.The soul created is controled by the caster as if it where an extensionof himself.The soul is a noncorpreal creatured that can be used in one of2 ways.

The first is as a scout. In this form nothing can block its progress exceptfor an antimagic shell or similar spell. It has a movement rate of 60. Thisform has hp equal to that of the caster. If the scout is attacked it canattack back by hitting the target with a spiritual slap. The damage is 1hp/ 2 levels of the caster. These hps are given to the soul in order toheal it wounds.

The other form is that of a possessor. The soul goes only after its intendedvictim (distinguished by the componets used) unless there is no way butto go through something else. As it tries to possess the victim get a savingthrow at the level of the caster subtracted by the level of the victim.(exe. If a 19th level caster tried to possess a 15th level victim the savewould be at -4). If the possession is successful the the caster assume theform of the victim until he willingly lets go or is forced out by a pshyciccontest (explained in the psionic handbook). Its hp are the same as thecasters plus 2 per level of the caster. In this form it can attack by usingthe same attack as the scout or by casting spells at half of the casterslevel, They both require a plus 1 or better weapon to hit.

Material componets-
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