by Rob McDonald () on 5/10/96

From the Spellbook of Grymryck the Outsider

Human, Necromancer (Philosopher), 17th level

Necromancy, Alteration
30 yards
V, S, M
One creature

Spell description

The GAUNT spell causes the subjected creature to undergo a horrible transformationinto a pale, emaciated, corpse-like version of itself - its skin will becomegray-white and shrink to become stretched tautly over its skeleton, musclemass will disappear, its eyes will become lusterless and seem to protrudefrom thin eyelids, etc. This change takes place in but the single roundafter which the GAUNT spell is cast. The process is painless, and may beunnoticed by the victim unless he is able to see his reflection or someexposed part of his body, or he may find his clothing and armor are mysteriouslyloose-fitting...

Despite the creature's apparent condition, the metamorphosis is entirelycosmetic. All the its attributes remain unchanged, such as mass, generalsize, etc., as do its abilities. The subject will not feel any less healthyor youthful. A creature with a measurable Charisma (or Comeliness) willfind this score effectively lowered to 3, as observers will most likelytake the afflicted as one of the walking dead. The GAUNT spell is not illusory,and touch will not dispel it; only the caster, a REMOVE CURSE or DISPELMAGIC may end the spell. Unwilling recipients receive a save vs. spell toavoid the effect.

The material components are an old dead leaf and a few pieces of dried parchment,which are crumbled into dust and blown into the air in the direction ofthe intended recipient.

Note that this spell can be an effective tool in extorting information orhelp from an individual, who may be easily convinced he is now undead, orwho simply wishes to be returned to normal. It is also especially effectivewhen combined with other spells (like REEK or TOOTH AND NAIL, qqv.), whichcan create quasi-undead that can not be turned, fight and cast as livingcreatures, etc., quite a surprise to the casual and careless undead hunter...

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