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From the Spellbook of Grymryck the Outsider

Human, Necromancer (Philosopher), 17th level

Necromancy, Evocation
V, S

Spell description

The PROXY spell is always cast in conjunction with any spell that requiresor can use the caster's continued concentration to achieve or maintain aneffect, such as PHANTASMAL FORCE or similar Illusionist magic. The magefirst casts PROXY, then follows with the spell he wishes to maintain - ifthe casting of this second spell is not begun in the round following thePROXY or is interrupted, the PROXY spell ends.

The PROXY spell removes from the caster a minute amount of his life force,which he can then leave to maintain concentration on the follow-up spellwhile he performs other tasks or leaves the area. This "spirit"is not detectable except by those magicks that detect life, or those likeTRUE SEEING - these will reveal a small, faintly-glowing sphere of severalinches in diameter, hovering where the caster's head would have been whenhe cast the spell. Once cast the PROXY is immovable.

The PROXY may only maintain the other chosen spell as it was - it has noindependent thought or awareness of any kind, nor can it be further commandedby the caster. Thus if the PROXY were cast to maintain a PHANTASMAL FORCEof a wall of fire, the PROXY can maintain its current "flickering flame,"but could not change its color, position, apparent intensity, etc.

While the PROXY is in effect the mage can cast no other spells - the PROXYends immediately if the wizard begins to cast again. In all other ways themage is free to act as he wishes. Range from the PROXY is not a factor,though the caster must remain on the same plane. The mage does not receivereceive sensory input from the PROXY, nor is there a telepathic or empathicbond, though the caster will know if the PROXY is dispelled prematurely(see below.) The wizard may end his PROXY with a thought.

Because the PROXY has no physical form, it is invulnerable to physical attack.Area-of-effect spells that deal more damage than the caster has levels maydisrupt the PROXY if it fails a saving throw (as the caster) - in this case,the caster must save vs, spell or receive 2d4 damage, and in any case hewill be stunned for 2d4 rounds, and unable to cast spells for 1d6 turns.DISPEL MAGIC and similar forces have their usual effects, and do not endangerthe caster of the PROXY. The PROXY is not ethereal, thus ethereal forcesdo not harm it. The PROXY is, however, subject to those forces that affectthe spirit, such as MAGIC JAR; if the PROXY is the subject of such an attack,it receives a saving throw vs. spell with a +4 bonus, success indicatingthe PROXY is ended (and the wizard may be damaged as previously described),and failure indicating the mage is fully subject to the hostile spell. Unlessdisrupted in some fashion, the PROXY lasts until the caster wills otherwise.

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