Millana's Enchanted Vision

by John Goshorn ( on 96/04/24

From the Spellbook of Millana Klen

Human Enchantress (16)

1 hour or 1 turn

Spell description

By means of this spell, the enchantress changes a normal mirror into a specialscrying device. She also enchants a glyph (which is often a pair of eyesor her personal sigil) on an item. From that point forward, the mirror andthe glyph are linked. Whenever a creature (of Medium of larger size, ofIn 8 or greater, or a humanoid--the caster selects a trigger when she preparesthe sigil) looks at the sigil, the caster is made aware of it by mentalmessage. At that time, the caster may look through the mirror and see asif looking through the sigil, similar to a crystal ball. This effect lasts1 round/level of the caster (determined at the time the sigil was prepared).No spells may be cast through the mirror.

Some creatures may detect the scrying (the sigil occasionally blinks) asper the listin under Crystal Ball.

Enchanting the mirror and preparing the sigil require two seperate castingsof this spell. Enchanting the mirror requires a mirror of no less than 1000gpvalue, an eye of roc, a bit of nitric acid, copper, and zinc. The mirroris not consumed in the casting, but the other components are. The mirrorwill remain enchanted for 1 month per level of the caster. The casting timeto enchant the mirror is one hour.

Preparing the sigil requires a gold or silver powder (50 gp value). Thesymbol is etched or carved into stone, metal, leather, or any suitable,hard object. The powder must be applied to the mirror, then to the sigil.The sigil's duration is permanent until it is discharged.

A sigil can be prepared again after it is activated, but the mirror cannotbe reenchanted. When the duration expires, the mirror cracks. As many asfive sigils may be linked to one mirror, but the caster is not alerted towhich of her sigils is activated, but may discern it from seeing the surroundingsof the sigil.

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