Xiltyn's Following Lightning Ball

by William Bolitho (William.Bolitho@asu.edu) on 96/05/09

From the Spellbook of Quevven Xiltyn

Half-elf (ice) Fighter/Mage (8/9)

60 yds
5 days/lev
1 creature
Negates, 1/2

Spell description

With this spell the caster is able to "curse" a victim. He createsa black ball of two feet diameter, around which courses crackling blue lightning.If the victim makes a saving throw versus spell at -1 per 4 levels of thecaster, the ball stays at its beginning position and dissipates after 1round per level, if it is not touched. If it is touched, the ball dischargesfor 1D6 points of lightning damage per two levels of the caster up to amaximum of 10D6. A successful saving throw versus spell halves the damage.If the initial save is not made, the ball moves to the designated victim.If it is more than 60' away from the victim but not more than 600', it movesas fast as the victim plus 1'/round. This is even true, if the victim usesteleportation or similar means to escape, though the ball will follow onlyhalf as many teleportsas the caster has experience levels. If it is nearerthan 60' it moves at 1'/round. If any obstacle is between the ball and itsvictim, it depends on the obstacle, what the ball does. If it can burn it,it burns through, if it is a barrier that it cannot destroy, it teleportsdirectly near the target. Note that this counts against the number it canteleport. If it touches a creature, be it the victim or any other, it dischargesas described above. It tries to avoid creatures other than its target, though,if it has one. That means that someone trying to touch it has to hit AC0 in order to attain this. If it has no target (target made his initialsave) it hangs motionless in the air. The material components are a blackpelt and a blue glass wand.

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