by Rob McDonald () on 5/17/96

From the Spellbook of Rafe von Morborund

Half-elf, Wizard/Rogue, 9/10

V, S

Spell description

When the THROW spell is cast, the mage is able to hurl objects at greatvelocity and range. The objects must be any the wizard could normally handle- arrows, knives, stones, darts, etc. The effective distance the wizardmay hurl the objects is 100 yards, plus 20 yards per level. Should the magebe attempting to hit a target a successful attack roll is required; althoughthe mage suffers no non-proficiency penalty when using this spell, his rollswill be modified by range and conditions, just as any other ranged attacks.If the target is within 30 yards, the caster receives a +2 bonus to hischance to hit due to the speed of the THROW. Damage caused by THROWN objectsat any range is unadjusted.

The wizard may THROW one object for every 3 levels of experience (1 objectat 1st and 2nd levels, 2 objects at 3rd-5th levels, etc.) at the rate ofone per round. The THROW spell lasts a maximum of 3 rounds per level - anyTHROWS not used during this time are lost.

Note that the THROW spell will only affect those objects the wizard couldalready throw himself - it does not grant unusual Strength in handling objects.If the caster's Strength has been modified by magic, however, the THROWspell will enable the caster the hurl heavier objects, perhaps even somefoes ("Look, milady, now those pesky kobolds have learned to fly!")

The THROW spell was found among a savage people, used in their sport "Kezté."With THROW, the caster could lob the "kez," or game ball, completelyacross the field of play, out of immediate reach of opponents. Since thespell has become available elsewhere, multiclassed wizard/rogues make muchuse of it - they can toss grappling hooks onto the highest towers, boltsand arrows into unsuspecting guards without the use of bows, or "evidence"well out of sight of the law. When combined with the SUSPEND spell, objectscan be placed quite out of the way of pursuers, over 100 yards over theirheads, but reasonably safe and but a gesture away; of course, objects "tuckedaway" in this fashion should be built to survive the fall! Warrior/wizardsmay also find THROW useful in a pinch; if throwing a specialized weaponsuch as an axe or dagger, specialization bonuses would apply.

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