by Jason Holt (frodo@gladstone.uoregon.edu) on 96/01/06

From the Spellbook of Silvitar the Dimension Roamer

Grey Elf, 12th level mage

Greater Divination
120 yards
5 rounds per level
1 round

Spell description

This spell allows the caster to open a channel of telepathy between him and a target creature. If the
target is willing, he may forgo his saving throw and accept the mental link. If the target is unwilling, a successful save vs. spell will negate the spell.

Telepathy allows the caster to communicate with the target creature as though mental imagery and concepts could be expressed verbally, but within a fraction of the time. Simple telepathic conversation can exist between the two as though they were listening to the verbal expression of one anotherís thoughts. To put this simply...just as we hear our own thoughts, the linked creatures will hear each others.

Surface thoughts can be communicated through telepathy without hindrance. However, deep probing of a targetís mind requires the target to save vs. the average of their intelligence and wisdom scores. If the victim fails their save, an exhaustive probing may be undertaken by the caster for one round. (Note that mental transference can occur much faster than verbal communication). If the victim fails their save by more than 5, the probing is entirely unconscious and the victim is unaware it is taking place. If the target allows the probe, the caster must save vs. intelligence to undertake the probe. If the casterís save is successful, the subject can be probed with great detail.

The spell can affect one creature per four caster levels. Thus, a 12th level caster can establish a mental link between three creatures. The caster can opt to block his own thoughts from the targets. The spell cannot be used as a probe against the caster under any circumstance. If such an attempt is made, the caster will become immediately aware of it.

This spell requires the caster to save vs. paralyzation at the end of the duration. If the roll fails, the caster must rest for 5 rounds to recover from the intense strain of assimilation.

Spells, prayers or items which normally prevent ESP spells and magical thought reading could negate this spell or add a bonus to a saving throw.

The material component for this spell is a high quality mirror worth no less than 1,000 g.p.

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