Syrrion's Ground Lightning

by Robert Quinby (

From the Spellbook of Syrrion Silverflame

Human, Air Elementalist (12)

5 rounds
5-10 targets, up to 2 targets per round
None, Special

Spell description

Casting this spell charges the wizard's hand with electrical energy. Each round he may release this energy as a bolt which travels along the ground. He does this by simply picking out his targets, and touching his finger to the ground. The inititive modifier for this action is 3 (but note that this time is included in the origonal casting of the spell).

When releasing a bolt the wizard may choose between having a single bolt follow one target or a forked bolt that may strike two targets. The bolt(s) will then race along the ground, digging a trough about 1/2 inch deep, sparking and crackiling towards the target(s) at a movement rate of of up to 2 per level of the caster (i.e., a 9th level caster would create a bolt that had a movement of 18). The bolt(s) will take the straitest path to the target, unless this path is severly impeeded (target ducks aroud a corner, ect.), in which case it follows the direct path the target took. The bolt(s) can follow a target ! for a distance of up to 30 yards per level, for a time of up to 2 rounds per level. If the bolt can be evaded for that far or long, then it fades away with a harmless crackle of sparks. The bolt is hard to avoid, though. It will climb walls and trees, and even race along the ceiling to reach it's target. If the target jumps, then the bolt will simply wait for it to fall, but if it remains in the air to long (such as by trying to fly or levitate away), then the bolt will jump after it, up to 1' in height for every level of the caster. It may also use this to jump small gaps, trenches, or canyons, arching half its normal jump height up and twice it in length.

When targets are struck by a bolt, a powerful jolt of electricity courses through their body. A full bolt couses the victem 8d8 points of damage, knocks them off their feet (Huge or larger beings may save at the D.M.'s option), and forces a save vs. spells it will be stunned for 1d3 rounds. If the bolt was split, each causes it's (different) t! arget 4d8 points of damage, knocksit off its feet, and forces it to save or be stunned for 1 round. While they are stunned, their bodies twitch and muscles spasm as they attempt to shake off the effects of the powerful bolt. Note, though, that a victem, once struck from this spell, is safesafe from it for 20 or 30 minutes, as they have been completly grounded (the spell would'nt be able to find them).

This sell may also be cast along any tracer spell. Instead of following the target directly, this follows the guideline of the tracer, following the target (who does not need to be seen now to cast the spell) for up to 2 hours per level of the caster, at twice it's normal movement rate.

The material components for this spell are a rouphly spherical piece of amber worth a little over 10 gp and the hair of a bloodhound or a ranger.

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