Sculpt features

by Leonard and Ann Wilson (brought to W4 by Sylvain Robert)
The original version of this spell appeared in Dungeon magazine and was copyrighted by TSR
Modifications by Sylvain Robert

From the Spellbook of Varian

Human male B(9)

5 rounds
Creature touched

Spell description

This cosmetic polymorph spell allows the caster to physically alter the appearance of any one creature touched, including himself. He may not cause the subject to grow new appendages, gain new organs, lose old ones, or otherwise alter its basic body structure. He is also unable to affect the subject's basic mass. He is free, however, to rearrange it to a considerable extent. By doing so, he can make the subject up to 10% taller or shorter than its original height, or create the visual illusion that the subject has gained or lost up to one third of its original weight.

Beyond these limitations, the caster can alter the subject's appearance as he chooses. He could make a man look like an elf, turn a freckle-faced little girl into a haggard old woman, or cover a cow's hide with purple spots.

If the caster wishes to duplicate the exact features of a particular creature, he must possess either skill with disguises or artistic ability as a sculptor. If nonweapon proficiencies are being used in the game, the caster must make an appropriate skill check. If not, the caster must make an Intelligence check instead. If the check fails, the caster creates an imperfect copy.

An unwilling subject receives a saving throw to resist the spell's effects.

Because the effects of a sculpt features spell are cosmetic only, no system shock roll is required to survive the change and no magic is needed to maintain the change once it is made. The subject of a sculpt features spell does not radiate magic and does not return to its original form through death or a dispel magic spell. The subject's new features become its natural features. The offspring of such a creature would inherit the parent's original features, not the altered features.

A sixth level variant of this spell writes down the changes into the genetic code. therefore, this variant allows the offspring of such a creature to inherit the parent's altered features.

The material components of this spell are a few drops of doppleganger blood and a powdered moonstone worth no less than 50 gp.

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