Venger's Sphere of Absorption

by Patrice Béliveau. Adapted by Sylvain Robert ( on 95/03/05

From the Spellbook of Venger

Greater Yugoloth --- Ultroloth

Level : 8
School : Abjuration
Sphere :
Range : 0
Duration : Special
Casting Time : 1 round
Area of Effect : 15 feet radius sphere
Saving Throw : Special

Spell description

A translucent, almost transparent, fixed sphere engulfs the caster for a maximum duration of 1 turn per level, untill it has absorbed as many spell level as the caster has levels (e.g. 20 spell levels will destroy a sphere casted by a 20th level mage). The caster can cast spells from within the sphere outward without dissolving it. He can also enter and exit the sphere with no ill effect or dissolving it.

Anyone trying to go through the sphere suffers 25 hp of damage (no save). All magic item entering in contact with the sphere is temporarely drained or becomes non operating unless a saving throw (value 13, unmodifiable), is made.

Spell level drain on the sphere

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