Venger's Sphere of Fascination

by Patrice Béliveau. Adapted by Sylvain Robert ( on 95/03/05

From the Spellbook of Venger

Greater Yugoloth --- Ultroloth

Level : 1
School : Illusion, phantasm
Sphere :
Range : 30 yards + 10 yards per level
Duration : 4 rounds + 1 round per level
Casting Time : 1 segment
Area of Effect : 1 Creature
Saving Throw : Special

Spell description

A blue sphere whirls around the victim's head, catching his full attention, unless a save vs magic is successful. If the save is made, the sphere simply hoovers overs one's head. The spell affects only creatures of level/hit dice lower than 7. A hit on the victim breaks the spell.

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