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Every game master has to deliver great adventure and excitement to his players, and this often implies creating maps of good quality. Just a bit of squared paper and a pencil, that's all one really needs. But for those times when inspiration won't come, this page offers maps of all kinds, and tools to help create new ones rapidly.

D&D 4th Edition Maps

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D&D (any edition) Maps

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  • Domus Dario

    A Roman style villa where you will meet an exhausted and aggrieved farmer.

    - Thanks to Kosmic Dungeon
  • Donjon de Milbured

    A small dungeon built around a central room. Under Creative Commons License BY-NC-SA 4.0 by Kosmic 2016 ©

    - Thanks to Kosmic Dungeon
  • Forteresse souterraine des gnomes

    Savage attacks and supplies thefts regularly take place in an isolated bourg. While tracking a shadow, you arrive at what seems to be a gnome fortress. Will you dare to enter this mournful and filthy bastion, face its dangerous guardians and defy their leader? Under Creative Commons License BY-NC-SA 4.0 by Kosmic 2016 ©

    - Thanks to Kosmic Dungeon
  • L'auberge relais d'Orona

    The Orona coaching inn is protected by a thick wall of stone. In its courtyard are a stable, a forge, and a watchtower that oversees the road and the forest. The inn itself consists of a common room and a bar in the first area, and in the other part of the L-shaped space are the kitchen and the innkeeper's appartments. All the bedrooms are located on the other floors. Wide mezzanines offer a great view on the common room, and let the fireplace warm the whole building. Under Creative Commons license BY-NC-SA 4.0 by Kosmic 2016 ©

    - Thanks to Kosmic Dungeon
  • L'avant-poste d'Ilburg

    This fortified outpost consists of an H-shaped inn and a dorm. A chruch and a cottage with its wooden tower are located on the right. Just above it you'll find a stable and a forge. The last structure is a mausoleum and its crypt. A fort oversees the whole place.

  • La Caverne des gobelins

    After many days of tracking these creatures, you stand before the goblins’ den, a great cave where the tribe has established itself. A great ally protects them. In truth, these sneaky goblins haven’t chosen this cave accidentally: a troll lives in its underground corridors. Led by their shaman, the goblins have built a sacrifice pit, a gaping hole to unknown depths, to get rid of all the undesirables. Buried and protected underground, they love to watch the horrible show of torn apart flesh. Under Creative Commons License BY-NC-SA 4.0 by Kosmic 2016 ©

    - Thanks to Kosmic Dungeon
  • Le Château d'Airain

    Airain's Castle is sitting on a cliff overlooking the sea. Made of 3 levels and 1 underground passage.

  • Le Château détruit

    After many hours passed traveling those devastated plains, you finally catch sight of the baron’s castle. The construction has obviously suffered serious damage. You search the ruins for survivors, when you suddenly hear someone groaning. You drag the baron’s Great Counselor from the rubles. Agonizing, he tells you about the attack of a man-beast horde, and that the baron has been made prisoner. Will you go set the baron free? Or will you stay to rebuild the castle and rule the province, leaving him to his deadly fate? Under Creative Commons License BY-NC-SA 4.0 by Kosmic 2016 ©

    - Thanks to Kosmic Dungeon
  • Le Tombeau de Talen

    This is Talen's tomb, a strange underground passage located under a lugubrious castle, with caves at the deepest of the dungeon. In one of bigger caves, behind an imposing slab is carefully hidden the tomb of Talen the druid. He was buried there with a relic of great value...

    I drew this dungeon with Micron pens, then scanned it, and used a software to improve the contrast.

    Have fun!

    - Thanks to Kosmic Dungeon
  • Le donjon d'Irvilio

    Irvilio's dungeon is a small refuge built inside a mountain.

    - Thanks to Kosmic
  • Le temple secrêt des grottes d'argent

    To practice their forbidden cult, some fanatics have built a temple next to the Silver Cave. The cave's name comes from the algae growing at the bottom of the river crossing it. Two paths exist to access the temple: one through the forest, the other across a secret room in a strange manor. Under Creative Commons License BY-NC-SA 4.0 by Kosmic 2016 ©

    - Thanks to Kosmic Dungeon
  • Les tours du sorcier Noir

    In a strange valley you can see, built high on a hill, a vile sorcerer's or a shaman's tower. The mournful construction and its wierdly looking architecture hides a powerful artifact. Defy the dark sorcerer's henchmen, and find your way through the underground passage to seize the precious object. Under Creative Commons License BY-NC-SA 4.0 by Kosmic 2016 ©

    - Thanks to Kosmic Dungeon
  • Vestiniah City

    Hi everyone. Here's my latest Fan Map: Vestiniah City.

    I felt like trying a new approach for my entirely hand-drawn city maps. I used 005, 01, and 03 Sakura Micron pen for all the major lines and my new Winsor & Newton Brushmarkers (Cool Grey 1, 2, and 3) for the shading.

    - Thanks to Kosmic Dungeon
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