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Riddles and Traps

Tired of always serving the old "fallen tree over the road" ambush to your players? With these books of riddles and traps you can be sure to cause them real headaches with interesting, amusing but often frustrating challenges. Almost all those traps and riddles can be used with any edition or game.

D&D v3.5 Riddles and Traps

English Content

  • Tunnel of Death

    A hole in the floor drops down to a 90-foot-long hallway with rushing water. The hallway is difficult and unsafe to travel down. This is a short idea on how to add danger to a passage in your dungeon.

D&D (any edition) Riddles and Traps

English Content

French Content

Hello Fry, it's a ... *[stops mid-sentence, throws a D20 and a D6]* pleasure to meet you. Gary Gygax voicing himself in "Anthology of Interest I" on Futurama TV show