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A framework tool to use with Maptool (1.4.0) that makes playing AD&D (1e or 2e) on a virtual tabletop simple. Allows the players to create character sheets that can store spells, various attacks, and equipment for ease of play. Allows the DM to have a vast collection of creatures, spells and notes, and quickly initialized tokens for gameplay.

Features for DMs

  • Token initialization, generates creatures attacks, HP and saves, and creates series of macros to use from the token
  • Database for monsters and NPCs
  • Database for journal entries
  • Database for spells
  • Database for skills, weapon proficiencies, and non-weapon proficiencies
  • Database for inventory items (equipment)
  • Teleport players (tokens) around the map or to different maps fairly easily
  • Initiative macro system that follows AD&D 2e rules
  • NPC macros to easily check saves, ability tests, adjust hit points, memorize spells, roll initiative
  • Campaign settings such as hiding NPC attacks, saves and checks from players, hide PC checks and saves from the PC. Enable/disable fumble/crit. etc.
  • Macros to add to party or individual experience and grant to players

Features for players

  • Character sheet that allows the player to maintain updates easily in game
  • Sheet macros for saves and HP adjustments, initiative, attacks, inventory management, spellbook and spell casting, journals and dice rolls
  • Dialog windows for easy viewing of commonly needed information for the player
  • Information boxes in chat to easily see results of macros (attacks, skill checks, saves, etc.)

DM Tutorial on how to use the framework
Part 2 (Updates)

PC tutorial, mostly just covers how to use the character sheet
Brief video on how to optimally setup the layout for Maptool when using the framework as a player

If you have questions or issues, feel free to post them in this forum thread on

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