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LitiJack's AD&D 2nd Edition Character Generator [v4.1]


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This very complete character generator made for Microsoft Excel is easy to use, covers a lot of possiblities like multi-class and specialist mages, and incorporates rules from the following books:

  • Dungeon Master's Guide
  • Player's Handbook
  • The Complete book of Dwarves
  • The Complete book of Elves
  • The Complete book of Gnomes and Halflings
  • The Complete Bard's Handbook
  • The Complete Druid's Handbook
  • The Complete Fighter's Handbook
  • The Complete Paladin's Handbook
  • The Complete Priest's Handbook
  • The Complete Ranger's Handbook
  • The Complete Thief's Handbook
  • The Complete Wizard's Handbook
  • Player's Option: Skills and Powers

Important: You MUST have macros enabled for the character generator to work properly.

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